Paper Waste Management Prudently – Top Benifits

Waste-recycling is a boon for any Industry or business. By recycling the waste materials, we can mint money. It is as if you own a Gold Mine inside your factory, without knowing it. The recycled waste material once again takes the form of “fresh raw material”, to be used for production and converted into finished products and sold.

Paper waste management is the finest example of them all. It is common knowledge, how much of paper is used in India and other countries. Millions of tons of paper are used in offices; newspaper printing; magazines; wall-posters; notices; banners; paperboard industries and so on. All these papers use the raw material of timber, cutting trees in billions.

You will be amazed to know the astounding statistics. As paper manufacturing industry uses timber for making paper-pulp, recycling of waste paper for re-use will save nearly 31 trees per every ton of paper re-cycled. Plus there are other factors that support paper manufacture like energy, oil, water and human-resource etc.

By the same recycling of 1 ton of paper-waste, we gain by saving 4000 kWh of energy, 207 litres of oil, 26000 litres of water and 1204 man-hours of human resource.

In addition, if the paper-waste is to be dumped without recycling, each ton of paper-waste will occupy landfill space of 3.5 cubic meters. Besides, if the same quantity of paper-waste is burnt, it will produce smoke in the form of carbon dioxide, to the tune of 750 kilograms, polluting the environment.

Thus by recycling waste-paper, we can save 65% of energy needed for manufacturing paper afresh. We can also reduce air pollution by 74% and water pollution by 35% and save Mother Earth.

Simply put, by recycling waste-paper into re-usable raw material pulp, for producing new paper and paper products, we achieve the following benefits:

  • Saving lot of money by avoiding purchase of new raw material
  • Save resources like energy, oil, water and human resource
  • Help the environment by preventing air, water and land pollution
  • Help improve the Green Revolution direly needed by human beings to prevent Global Warming
  • Reduce wastage and improve efficiency and productivity
  • Waste-paper can be recycled 5 to 6 times, safely
  • The Recycling Industry creates enormous job opportunities.

In order to derive the above mentioned benefits, we need proper equipment for waste-paper recycling. In this process of turning waste into resource worldwide, high-technology manufacturers of giant machinery like Automatic Balers render yeomen service.

Companies like Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd. ( manufacture and supply sophisticated Automatic Balers of various types and sizes.

The use of Automatic Balers in crushing and pressing huge bales of waste-paper bundles is immense. The company in a position to offer highest quality Automatic Balers, for various industrials usages, apart from paper-waste, like cardboard; plastic; pet bottles; fibre; fabric; textile; cotton; metal scrap; and foam (sponge) etc.

The end-user Industries need only describe their requirements to Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd., and the material they want to recycle. This Company will provide appropriate solutions, customized to the needs of the end-users, and supply the right machinery, along with accessories.

Presently customers can get – Fully Auto Tie Horizontal Baler; Semi Auto Tie Horizontal Baler; Triple Compression Automatic Baler; and Vertical Baler etc.


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