How Automatic Balers Help Processing Cardboard and Paper Waste?

Automatic Balers are Pressing Machines to convert assorted sizes and shapes of Paper Wastes, carton waste, PET bottle waste and fabric waste  into bales. See here the full details of these Balers.


Turning Waste into Resource – this is the crux of the idea behind Waste Management. The shining example for this formula is recycling Cardboard and Paper Waste. In today’s lifestyles, the use of Cardboard and Paper products has become immense. If you think on a day to day life, how many times you can see a Cardboard Box or a Paper Product – you will be amazed!

Packing anything and everything in Cardboard Boxes is the easiest way for neatness, less weight, compact and easy to transport and handle goods. As such one can daresay millions of tons of Cardboard and Paper Products are being used daily, all over the world.

Where from these items come? As you know, the paper is a product derived from processing wooden pulp. So in order to produce these huge volumes of Paper Products, easily hundreds of thousands of trees have to be cut every day. Fortunately, recycling these Paper Products and using them, again and again, can save millions of trees being cut.

Cardboard Boxes and Paper Products are used only once and thrown away mercilessly as waste. This way paper wastes accumulate everywhere in factories, commercial complexes, and departmental stores, restaurants, offices, and homes, to quote a few. Once these paper wastes accumulate, it becomes a problem to dump them in a place within the premises.

Similarly, Municipalities, Metropolitan Authorities, and Townships regularly clear these paper wastes daily, in their cleaning exercise and have a tough-time to dispose of these huge mounds of paper wastes.

Another related problem is these paper wastes are of assorted sizes, shapes, and forms, whereby stacking them in a place, or transporting them to another place for re-cycling purposes pose a headache.

But Technology experts have found out a solution for this chronic problem. Automatic and Semi-automatic Balers come in handy, to compress these huge bulks of paper wastes, and transform them into small bundles exactly as per the requirements. Once this is done, the volume of these waste shrinks considerably and gets packed neatly to be carried anywhere as wanted.

Prominently, Machine Manufacturers offer 4 best paper waste management machines in the form of Presses. They are – Double Cylinder Vertical Paper Baler; Fully Auto Tie Horizontal Paper Baler; Semi-Auto Tie Horizontal Paper Baler; and Single Cylinder Vertical Paper Baler.

Double Cylinder Vertical Paper Baler:  

These Balers have great demand in the market generally. Provided with Double Cylinders, they have the Cylinder size of 30” x 48” x 68” (to compress bales of 30” x 48”) each Cylinder applying a pressure of 32.5 Tons and totally 65 Tons, to deliver bales of 250 to 500 KG weight – run with a 30 HP Motor.

Fully Auto Tie Horizontal Paper Baler:

These Horizontal Balers are Heavy Duty, to be used for baling and bundling of huge quantities of paper, plastic, corrugated box and fabric wastes. These Balers can press waste papers, white papers and craft papers; old cardboard cartons; plastic waste; pet bottle waste; cotton waste and fabric waste etc.

Semi-Auto Tie Horizontal Paper Baler:

Mostly identical operations like Fully Auto-Tie Balers, to turn out approximately 650 to 700 KG Bales and can process all the wastes as mentioned above.

Single Cylinder Vertical Paper Baler:

This Pressing Machine works with a single cylinder, with a production capacity of Bales of 40 to 80 KG weight; 10 HP Motor; Chamber size 24” x 36” x 60 to press all sorts of paper and cardboard wastes.

These Automatic Balers are very useful for pressing the assorted sizes and volumes of Paper and Cardboard Wastes, and converting them into bales, neatly packed and tied as bundles. In this format, the bales can be transported anywhere and can reach the recycling plants. In these plants, these bales are processed through crushers to make them converted to paper pulps, after filtering the impurities.

These Balers can be installed in-plant by Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers, for self-generation of fresh raw materials. Private owners can install these Balers to process Paper Wastes, collected from various places in the city or town, press them into bales and sell them to Paper Pulp manufacturing Plants.